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Therapy with horses for traumatized people

We do not often hear about horse therapy in medical care. Also amazing as it can be, horse therapy is a psychological treatment based on the presence of the horse. It is very convenient and efficient both in mental and physically. It is excellent to treat people the trauma and psychopathological symptoms. It remains effective for both adults and children.

The horse therapy treats many diseases

The horse therapy is the best method to treat adults and children with psychological disorders, physical and behavioral as infantile psychosis, autism, multiple sclerosis, language disorders, hyperactivity and even integration difficulties . To treat these, the use of the horse as a therapeutic mediator is ideal. The horse therapy is complementary care provided by physicians.

Why choose the horse as a mediator? This is often the question when talking of horse therapy. Yet, the answer is simple. The horse is one who combines smooth, quiet and sociability. These are the fundamental bases to restore the confidence of people traumatized. Intact and without notice, meet, touch and caress the horse is already helping to relax and a means of communication between the patient and the animal in question. Ride the horse with pretty used saddles for sale actually is not always necessary, only the touch plays an important role in therapy.

Making equitherapy

The practice of horse therapy requires special knowledge. This is why it can only be done by graduates equitherapy therapists. Many institutes are training future équithérapeutes. To help people who suffer from psychopathology. This requires at least 500 hours of classes before the équithérapeute can exercise in its field. However, if you want to take this route, learn about training institutes, are now available on the net. However, it must take into account the years of experience of the latter to ensure the result.

The horse therapy is both a treatment and a step towards the equestrian passion. If you love animals, it becomes easier to practice and even though you will find the pleasure of doing it ...

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