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Have you heared about this great dael for cwd saddles?

CWD has been one of the best known saddlers in the hexagon since 1998. The brand continues to look for new and more innovative ideas to provide equestrian sports enthusiasts with equipments that are functional and of good quality. Some time ago, the company made talk about it thanks to an excellent deal, a news particularly interesting for those who are passionate about horses. This is the release of the "Miss 2Gs".

Zoom on the "Miss 2Gs"

As its name indicates, this new saddle is singularly dedicated to the feminine sex. It has several notable characteristics. First it is made of durable leather, tanned and entirely vegetable. It is a biodegradable leather, a nod to the ecology and protection of the environment. However, it is resistant as a usual cwd used saddles.

This saddle also uses the Dynamick tree technology that ensures the comfort of the animal.

In addition it is light and refined at the crown. Its design adapts ideally to the female morphology. Each of the details has been designed to adapt to the female body for that matter. Such is the case of the tree which, in a way, reveals the female morphology. It is also possible to bring personal touches to this equipment. For example, one of the six colors available for detail under the seat and the stirrup can be chosen.

Summary ?

In addition to being just admirable, this saddle meets all the quality criteria of CWD. In addition, it ensures a particular concept: the comfort of the user and the anima at the same time. Only flat, there are no versions for the male. Only women can now enjoy this news. In the near future we will surely find a cwd used saddles on the market. It would therefore be possible to have this product even if we have a rather meager budget for the purchase of equestrian equipment. It is a bargain to benefit from a quality accessory and always in good condition. For the time being, there are still only new products on the market. You have to wait a little.

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