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The market in second hand ... It's an interesting habit of consumption for everything that is expensive (or cheaper too). It can be worth it and the expense in terms of riding equipment and particularly the saddle-but watch out! When embarking on the purchase of a used saddle without going through a specialist there are many things to learn. It is important to purchase saddles whether new or restored at the best place so as to have the best and quality services.

It is better to buy used saddles from professionals

In a good saddler, if you buy a used saddle, there is a fair chance that the pros have already checked that the saddle is still in use. But if you buy it elsewhere (to an individual), the person may not have the expertise necessary to decide whether the saddle is good for use, particularly from a safety perspective. For more information about how the defects in a used saddle can be measured and defined go to the website. Do not hesitate to search for great details!!Equitack provide to everyone according to its money and capability to pay.

The criteria to consider

Used saddles are a decent choice if you are looking for a cheap antares saddles. You'll get more for your money than with a new saddle, you don't need to break it because there are still many used saddles in good condition. But some fixes, like a car, are so costly they can turn a good deal into a nightmare. It is also very important to look on a used saddle if the tree is not bent, twisted or weakened as if it is in the interest to have a good tree cancels. An asymmetric pommel can cause more serious horse and rider problems; pain, injury, poor rider position or discomfort. Often the tree isn't split but bent which isn't good either, the saddle won't settle evenly on the back of the horse and the rider's weight just aggravates the phenomenon.

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